Flashboy Max 2.1

Natalie has released an update, featuring all-new illustrations. She has been exploring found object art, photography, collage and drawing in order to create this series of dark and grungy illustrations.

The author and artist felt it was important to refresh the illustrations, as electronic visualisation is always moving forward. The retro videogame aesthetic no longer felt applicable to the story. 

In her art, Natalie has been exploring the concept of digital footprints: the legacy of hardware as waste products towards the goal of creating a virtual reality. The Flashboy Max 2.1 collection explores the wiring that connects the digital world. 

Flashboy Max 2.1 is available to buy via the menu links on this website. And if you are local to Norwich, the paperback edition is stocked in Bookbugs and Dragon Tales.

Flashboy Max 2.1 artwork