Flashboy Max | Natalie Knowles © 2020

Flashboy Max; Superking and the Quest for Pandora

Flashboy Max; Superking and the Quest for Pandora is a Cyberpunk story that has been ten years in the making! I am so excited to be releasing the story in paperback and on Kindle this August. Search it up on Amazon from August 2020. Here it is: the official front cover reveal: In a videogame … Continue reading Flashboy Max; Superking and the Quest for Pandora

James Bond White Poster By Natalie Knowles #notimetodie

No Time To Die

My take on a James Bond 'No Time To Die' inspired poster. I had a lot of fun creating this retro-style poster. I wanted to bring an element of what is characteristic about my drawing style, i.e. detail, pen and scars, as well as being faithful to the style of the iconic James Bond posters. … Continue reading No Time To Die

| Natalie Knowles © 2020

New drawings

I have had a preoccupation with the theme of Love for the last few months. Here are some of my latest illustrations on this theme. Love in its many forms: passion, heartbreak, musing.... With more work to follow and an exhibition of portraits and drawings at The Birdcage, Norwich in May*, keep watching this space … Continue reading New drawings