Weight and See

LAC Contemporary Arts have returned to The Undercroft Gallery this October with a new exhibition called WEIGHT AND SEE.

In this show, I’m exhibiting the raw drawing from my ongoing Cyberpunk project, from which several digital works have been made for Flashboy Max 2.1. I relish the opportunity to show the process of my work rather than the final outcome. This includes my mediative mark-making drawings, which have been made in collaboration with Andy Hornett. 

The show features some really provocative work by the LAC artists. Environment, perception of the human body, personal narratives and the representation of weight are strong themes.

We had a private view with an excellent turn-out and continue to see lots of visitors everyday. Because the Undercroft Gallery is situated at the back of Norwich Market it tends to get foot fall from people who stumble upon the show. If you’re in Norwich or local please do come and say hello. We’re open 11-5 daily until 29 October.

Here’s a little behind the scenes

Setting up an exhibition is always a struggle between practicality and ambition. I was in the very capable hands of Andy Hornett, who is an extraordinary installation artist. Our drawings are framed and presented on easels that have been suspended at angles to invite the viewer to engage with the work at eye level. Also, to consider the drawings as one entity and realise that the installation is a work of art too.

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