Advertising illustration to promote JP Chennet in Chongqing

I am delighted to showcase my latest illustrations for Bruno Wineworld in Chongqing, China. The advertising illustrations promote JP Chennet wine alongside iconic Chongqing Hot Pot. Bruno Wineworld (Bruno PR) is bringing French wine to a China market.

I have written an article about the experience of eating Chongqing Hot Pot on .



Cluster illustration exhibition March 2018


1ST March – 7th March 2018

4 Garden Walk, Shoreditch, EC2A 3EQ

I am absolutely delighted to be exhibiting limited edition signed prints of my Neuromancer, Dracula and Victorian London Fantasia illustrations at Cluster Illustration Edition III.


Photos from 1st March 2018 private view … on possibly the snowiest day of the year!

Braving blizzards, cancelled trains and icy pavements was a fantastic turn-out for the private view of Cluster Illustration Edition III. It is a privilege to be exhibiting with such bright new talent – congratulations everyone!

Natalie Knowles


Norwich Dragons

Keeper of the Castle; Norwich Dragons | Natalie Knowles © 2018
Keeper of the Castle; Norwich Dragons | Natalie Knowles © 2018

Norwich is the City of Stories and it is very easy to let imagination run riot in this Fine City.

Snap, the dragon at Norwich Castle, is the inspiration for Keeper of the Castle. Ethelbert, the Tombland dragon has alarming news: The Green Man has escaped from Norwich Cathedral!!!

To be continued … 🙂

Green Dragon | Natalie Knowles © 2018



Sherlock Holmes illustrations

Continuing with my Victorian-themed illustration projects, I am delighted to reveal my Sherlock Holmes inspired pictures. The Musgrave Ritual, The Man With The Twisted Lip and A Scandal In Bohemia are the stories that inspired this collection. It is the first time I have attempted such comprehensive tableau images. I really enjoy the complexity of these illustrations and I hope that they engage the viewer in puzzling over the mystery each image represents!


Reynard City Original Character Design Contest


I am delighted to be judging the OC design contest for Reynard City.

Hats off to Reynard City’s writer / producer Rob Turner for creating so much more that a Saturday morning cartoon in webcomic form. is a community for like-minded creatives and children of the ’80s and ’90s to revel in glorious 2D and sequential art.

I can’t wait to see all the entries for OC design contest!

Visit Reynard City Contests to enter.

**Update** 28.01.18

And the winner of the Reynard City OC design contests is … visit the contests page to find out. Read my write-up about the winning entry and see my illustration based on the winning character design.

Also, it has been such fun creating promotional graphics for the Reynard City website. Thank you Rob for the opportunity. Visit the Advertise page to see my illustrations and to find out more about the Reynard City project.





HooHappy New Year!!! I am beginning 2018 with more acrylic painting! Last year was such a wonderful rediscovery of my painting skills that I vowed to keep pursuing fine art projects and maybe one day I will have enough canvases to have an exhibition…

Hoo! the owl, with all his flaming energy, ushers in what has already been an exciting first week of 2018. I am absolutely delighted to announce that I am now a member of the Association of Illustrators. My Folio is available to view here.

People are already asking me if there will be an exhibition this year. I can confirm that I will be exhibiting my Portrait series, now eighteen years old! Art has more information about the Portraits.

Thank you for all the wonderful comments and compliments about my annual Christmas card. Every year I have to print more and I enjoy being challenged to produce these festive illustrations. Four years and counting:)


Exhibition 2018 – The Portraits

The Portraits | © Natalie Knowles 2017

It is with a mixture of trepidation and excitement that I am exhibiting the portraits in 2018. For the first time ever all fourteen hyper-realistic portraits will be presented in chronological order in one room. They will tell the story of the summer in the year 2000 when my artist studies of Goya and Anton Rafael Mengs evolved into the behemoth portraits of Peter Cushing, David Beckham and King Fahd of Saudi Arabia. There are the portraits that are studies in dot patterns and scars: Joaquin Phoenix and Kirk Douglas. There are the final portraits: Russell Crowe (2001) and George Lucas (2002), exercises in fragmentation.

The portraits are exceptional and it is my privilege to tell their story.

The Portraits will be on exhibition at Anteros Arts Foundation, Norwich from Tuesday 7th August until Thursday 23rd August.

Private view: Thursday 9th August.

Click here to view the portraits.