IN-DECISION is a contemporary art exhibition with The Lonely Arts Club.

Opens Wednesday 6th October.

The Undercroft Gallery, Norwich. Open Wed-Sat. 11am-5pm.

Durational and collaborative drawing 14th October, 11am.

BLM gig and live drawing 29th October, 8pm.

Follow @lonelyartsclub on social media for updates.

IN-DECISION is the process of choice-making. Creating art is a series of selections, queries, questions answered and problems resolved. Split decision… decision maker… informed decision…. Layers of thought go into the creative.

Achieving an artistic outcome becomes a co-option when a group of artists are working together. Picking and choosing… inclination… serendipity…. IN-DECISION – verb – our show is the creative practise of (decision) making art with artists.

The exhibition will take place in the Undercroft Gallery. The venue is an dynamic space, where the shadows and light change and shape the area constantly. The art will be inflected by this. There will be performances throughout the month. Regular updates on social media.

Publicity for In-Decision