Shoe Factory Weekender

Walking through a a corral of rusty vehicles, palm trees made out of tyres and graffiti – a junkyard market – where there is a secret door that leads to an old shoe factory… this is how I like to spend my Bank Holidays:)

The Shoe Factory Weekender was a chance for myself and Lonely Arts Club artists Jacqui Jones and Andy Hornett to adopt the disused factory as a project space. It was fascinating to see how we used the crumbling building and what was inside it to reflect our respective interests and aesthetics, as I hope these photos show.

There are more photos on the LAC Instagram and the artists’ social media accounts.

My aim was to photograph my three Tudor queens: Katharine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn and Catharine Parr, in compelling ways. I found that the incredible textures on the walls and floor were really sympathetic to the mark-making in the drawings. It’s surprising how appropriate they look in the factory setting!

Photo credit: AH and JJ.