The ‘Dorian Grey’ One

Yesterday, I was very moved by a conversation with the inspirational couple who purchased this portrait at my 2018 exhibition. They understood so completely the amount of emotion that went into this drawing.

M said to me, “It’s like the painting of Dorian Grey. Every ounce of pain in your life, every bit of effort, turmoil and pain you were feeling at that time, is there – etched on his face.”

M said she had fallen in love with the portrait because it reminded her of the difficulties we all go through in life, and to have them rendered so searingly on someone’s face was very moving to her.

I could not agree more. This was the last portrait I drew.

I often joke that the Portraits are like my Horcruxes; there is a little bit of my soul in each of them. This portrait undoubtedly went to the right home. I can’t wait to see the journey the other 13 portraits take. It’s my life’s story to see them to their rightful owners.