Shoe Factory Weekender Part 2 027 | Natalie Knowles Art 2021

Shoe Factory Weekender Part 2

It's September 2021 and I'm excited to be back at the fabulous Old Shoe Factory, Norwich, with artists from The Lonely Arts Club. We're posting updates on social media. Do check out Jacqui Jones, Andy Hornett and Rebecca Clifford, as well as The Lonely Arts Club Instagram for our latest projects in this amazing venue. … Continue reading Shoe Factory Weekender Part 2


IN-DECISION is a contemporary art exhibition with The Lonely Arts Club. Opens Wednesday 6th October. The Undercroft Gallery, Norwich. Open Wed-Sat. 11am-5pm. Durational and collaborative drawing 14th October, 11am. BLM gig and live drawing 29th October, 8pm. Follow @lonelyartsclub on social media for updates. IN-DECISION is the process of choice-making. Creating art is a series … Continue reading IN-DECISION

Night Into Day | Meditations | Natalie Knowles © 2021


Hours become days; it's been months - nearly a year - with an empty diary. All the freneticism of a wonderfully social and hectic life had to be rechanneled into an interior world. Retracting a muscle all the way back into a deeply creative soul, in order to cope with the long stretch of time.Drawing became a form … Continue reading Meditations