Fourteen hyper-realistic pen and pencil portraits, ranging from A4 to A3 in size.
The work of Natalie Knowles aged 15-17 at the time.
Predominantly completed in the year 2000, the portraits capture a moment in time.
Works of unbelievable technique, the portraits are a masterclass in mark-making.

They tell the story of the summer in the year 2000 when my artist studies of Goya and Anton Rafael Mengs evolved into the behemoth portraits of Peter Cushing, David Beckham and King Fahd of Saudi Arabia. There are the portraits that are studies in dot patterns and scars: Joaquin Phoenix and Kirk Douglas. There are the final portraits: Russell Crowe (2001) and George Lucas (2002), exercises in fragmentation.

They were exhibited as a complete collection in August 2018 at Anteros Arts Foundation in Norwich.
It was the last time these portraits will be on display together.

The portraits are exceptional and it is my privilege to tell their story.

This is artwork by © Natalie Knowles.

Three of the Portraits were on exhibition in London, May 2019, as part of CLUSTER. Ema Marinova, director of CLUSTER, picked the three portraits for exhibition.

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