In The Studio

In the run-up to our June exhibition, RESONANCE, it has been a delight and an inspiration to do art practice in the phenomenal studio of an inspirational multidisciplinary artist: Andy Hornett.

Experimentation with materials and working with found objects is a new dimension to my creative work and I’m finding the spontaneity a breath of fresh air.

Andy’s art practice is based on the idea of ‘making art to create art with’. Using found objects and materials to create rearranged drawings and sculptures. He is a long-standing stalwart of the Norwich art scene, with a glorious studio in Gildengate House that’s an Aladdin’s Cave of creativity.

Working in the studio has helped to develop the concept for Cyberpunk 2.1 into an installation with objects and multimedia. I want to show the hardware detritus that comes with the pursuit of creating a digital world. My work will be on exhibition with Andy and members of The Lonely Arts Club this June at St Mary’s Works, Norwich.

Here’s a sneak peek!

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