Cyberpunk 2.1

Where are we now? Cyberpunk 2.1 is an art project that explores the digital footprint created by the hardware that is essential to enable the virtual world to exist. Through found objects, digital collage, film, drawing and writing I am exploring the not-too-distant past through digital detritus and imagining a future where legacy mechanisms, handsets and cables fail to rot.

Out-Of-Date Components | Found objects and digital collage | Natalie Knowles with Andy Hornett 2022

Through project work at the Old Shoe Factory, culminating in an exhibition in May, Cyberpunk 2.1 will present a range of ideas, experiments and outcomes that are part of an ongoing body of work.

This project includes Flashboy Max, a Cyberpunk fiction that is currently available to buy from Amazon. It depicts a videogame world that is wholly dependent on the infrastructure of a dystopian real world.

I’m posting regular updates on social media and will be exhibiting as part of The Lonely Arts Club, Norwich so keep an eye on their publicity too. First touchpoint is project work in March, followed by an exhibition in May at the Old Shoe Factory.