In-Decision – final few days!

The venue is The Undercroft Gallery, Norwich. In-Decision (an exhibition by The Lonely Arts Club) closes on Saturday 30th October, so if you’re local, this is the last chance to see this exciting contemporary art show. The gallery is open 11-5.

We’ve been delighted to receive publicity from the press and the footfall has wildly exceeded our expectations.

I’m sharing some long-anticipated photos of me and my Queens and Meditations. I say ‘long-anticipated’ because it has been over a year in the making – from the research, drawing and printing on to fabric, cutting, hanging and lighting – and now it starts all over again! (I might give myself a few days off though!).

Humongous thanks to all everyone that has come to the show. As always, it never fails to produce interesting conversation and I am touched at how the work can affect such a massive age range and people from all walks of life. As a final treat, there is a live drawing performance by Laure Van Minden on Friday evening at 8pm.

The Queens post In-Decision, showing the discolouration

The Undercroft Gallery is a damp environment, after a month in this space the queens have degraded significantly, but it was worth it! So happy to share this art with you x