Behind The Queens

The Tudor Queens began as a Lockdown drawing project. A year later, it is amazing to share these fragile paper and biro full-length portraits at an exhibition. This really is a moment to be celebrated, a time to reflect on how aspects of our pre-2020 lives are returning and how creativity got so many of us through some very lonely months.

You can see a record of drawing the Tudor Queens in an earlier blog post and on my social media. Here, I am going to share a little behind the scenes at their first exhibition outing. I am absolutely delighted to be a part of The Lonely Arts Club group show called ‘IN-DECISION’ which opened two days ago and had a superb private view last night.

In-Decision is open 11-5, Wed-Sat until 30 Oct at The Undercroft Gallery, Norwich. Exhibiting artists are invigilating so do come and say hello and get a first-hand insight into their compelling work. It is an exciting mix of historical, environmental, personal and experimental art this year from 11 local artists.

I wanted to share a little insight into the Queens’ installation at the gallery. I’ve documented their creation and their degrading on this blog and social media. The discolouration and ripping is all a part of their story. They are now entombed in a gallery that floods when it rains (which it did on the night before the opening day). I’m prepared that the damp is going to speed up their decay, but that’s rather compelling to me and I hope scan them again after the show to see a before and after.

I intend to post lots more photos and insights on Instagram over the course of the exhibition. Do keep posted and if you are local to Norwich please do come and see this fantastic contemporary art show.