Self Portrait 2020

As I write this, it is Easter Sunday and the UK is in some form of lock-down as a result of the Coronavirus. In my very small world, this means that all plans for exhibitions are on hold until we are on the other side of this unprecedented situation.

I am really pleased to say that the innovation and resourcefulness of The Lonely Arts Club meant that our planned exhibition has gone ahead in digital form. Please visit the exhibition ‘In-Situ’ on The Lonely Arts Club website. As a member, I am delighted to have some of my new drawings featured in the exhibition.

So being told to stay indoors means I have had lots of time for drawing and writing! There will probably be a second novel in the wake of all this! One of the first significant drawings that I have done during lock-down is my annual self portrait. Perhaps it is the Zeitgeist, or that I have had a preoccupation with drawing in biro lately, but this year’s portrait is very different from the previous three years.

I think this year’s portrait is very truthful, whereas the previous years have tried to convey an emotion that I was feeling at the time; this year I have tried hard to capture a physical likeness. But in that, there is emotion too. We are all feeling the uncertainty of a very different world.

In the best possible spirit, I wish you a Happy Easter – a time of rebirth and renewal xx