A presentation in China part 2

On Thursday 27th July 2017 I gave a presentation in Chongqing, China. The venue was Testbed 2, a creative hub in a former factory. Over thirty artists and creatives attended the presentation. I spoke about my home town, Sheringham in North Norfolk and how it had inspired three years’ worth of illustrations. I showcased artwork from 2014-2016 which can be seen on this website.

In 2014 there was a series of ten illustrations based on the quirky weekend events that take place in Sheringham. I used my father’s archive of fishing photos as the basis for my 2015 illustrations: LibertyIII YH361, the career of a traditional wooden crab boat. In 2016 I was inspired by Sheringham carnival and drew a series of illustrations based on all the events the carnival queen has to attend. Needless to say, this was all completely new to my Chongqing audience and they were really excited by the nostalgic and eccentric events that Sheringham organises in order to encourage visitors to the town.

Here are some more photos from this really special event. I have also written another blog post about my presentation, which can be read here.

My sincere thanks to Anna’s team and to Yishi Fu for inviting me and for organising the event. This gallery of photos shows all the hard work that went into the event … and we had lots of fun too!

This gallery of photos shows the main event! There was over an hour of enthusiastic questions after the presentation and then lots of chat and photos.

Read more about the presentation here: A presentation in China

The University of Brighton press release about my visit, read more.

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