Click here to view my walkthrough of Neuromancer

I completed an Masters degree in Sequential Design and Illustration at the University of Brighton in 2010.
My project was an adaptation of William Gibson’s cyberpunk novel Neuromancer.
I presented an abridged version of the story, with artwork in the style of a retro videogame.

I found my previous screenwriting studies very useful for adapting the source text into twelve levels of a videogame and had a lot of fun reimagining characters, that Case and Molly encounter, as enemies, allies and end-of-level bosses.
I was inspired by side-scrolling videogames from the 1980s and 1990s as a way of representing a linear narrative.

Videogame conventions, such as having power-ups, weapons and rewards, became ‘derms’, ‘shuriken’ ‘adrenaline’ from the story.
I designed an map screen to show the world of Neuromancer and the levels Case and Molly would progress through.

At the MA exhibition I presented a 230-page walkthrough book, which can be viewed by following this link.

** In 2017 I revisited Neuromancer and created a series of illustrations based on Part I Chiba City Blues. An Arcade in Night City got through to the second round of the Hiii Brand Illustration Award.**