10 years since the University of Brighton MA!

In a weekend visit to Brighton, I was reminded by my dear friend Jenny that it is ten years since we graduated with an MA in Sequential Design / Illustration from the University of Brighton. I remember meeting Jenny on the sofas in the reception area of the Grand Parade campus. We just got talking … and my goodness, we did not stop! Ten years of coffee-fuelled chats about art and design; habitually frequenting Cafe Nero in the Laines. It was so good to catch up and share news of our latest travels and career developments.

10 years since MA | 2019 © Natalie Knowles Art

Both of us have maintained careers in illustration, art and graphic design. We have travelled the world thanks to our chosen profession. My highlight, was visiting my other MA friend, Yishi, in Chongqing. Again, another lifelong friendship forged because of the MA course, visiting Yishi was seven years in the making, including taking Chinese lessons! Here we are in 2017, reunited on the other side of the world!

10 years since MA | 2019 © Natalie Knowles Art

Aside from drinking a lot of Americano coffees, I also completed this wonderful book design project (MA PROJECT), inspired by Neuromancer. And if you would like to read more about my visit to China, to see Yishi, please scroll through my Blog.

With love and very best wishes to all my Brighton alumni and tutors – Margaret, Graham, George and Karen xx