Reynard City Original Character Design Contest


I am delighted to be judging the OC design contest for Reynard City.

Hats off to Reynard City’s writer / producer Rob Turner for creating so much more that a Saturday morning cartoon in webcomic form. is a community for like-minded creatives and children of the ’80s and ’90s to revel in glorious 2D and sequential art.

I can’t wait to see all the entries for OC design contest!

Visit Reynard City Contests to enter.

**Update** 28.01.18

And the winner of the Reynard City OC design contests is … visit the contests page to find out. Read my write-up about the winning entry and see my illustration based on the winning character design.

Also, it has been such fun creating promotional graphics for the Reynard City website. Thank you Rob for the opportunity. Visit the Advertise page to see my illustrations and to find out more about the Reynard City project.




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