YHA (Youth Hostel Association) Christmas card 2017

Merry Christmas YHA | © Natalie Knowles 2017

The YHA (Youth Hostel Association) commissioned me to design a Christmas card. The illustration represents UK YHA hostelling culture including the beautiful York and Ilam hostels and Christmassy backpackers.

It is always a delight to work with the YHA and I look forward to continuing our six year relationship.

Natalie’s work with the YHA

YHA logo

Natalie has been collaborating with Sheringham YHA on a wide variety of art projects since 2011. The hostel staff and Natalie have worked together to create murals, host annual exhibitions, and devise decorated objects as part of the Crab and Lobster festival. The painting of the beach hut style phone booth and games room mural have added a bit of coastal fun to the hostel. In 2014 Natalie designed the wall art in the entrance hallway and reception area. This was subsequently painted by another local artist, Colin Seal.

In 2013 Natalie held her first exhibition as part of the hostel’s annual Open Day. On this occasion Natalie exhibited her coastal photography on canvases. This included a range of local photography and a collection of photographs that Natalie had restored from her family’s archive. The 2014 exhibition was a series of vibrant printed illustrations, showing weekend events in Sheringham. The 2015 exhibition showed the LibertyIII YH361, her father’s traditional wooden crab fishing boat. It was based on Natalie’s and her father’s collection of photographs which Natalie turned into original illustrations annotated with text showing the career of the boat. In 2016 Natalie’s exhibition coincided with Sheringham Carnival and told the story of a typical Sheringham Carnival Queen. Also in 2016, Natalie was commissioned by the YHA to create a series of branded cards, two of which were for the YHA’s charity: Breaks for Kids.

YHA Breaks for Kids logo

YHA Promotional Postcard

YHA Promotional Postcard by Natalie Knowles

I was approached by the YHA (Youth Hostel Association) to design a promotional postcard. The brief was to represent the different environments where you would find a youth hostel in the UK: coastal, country, mountainous and urban.

The postcard is available to purchase in every YHA youth hostel in the country.

Natalie Knowles


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