Illustrating Liangfeng village

Fishing in Liangfeng | © Natalie Knowles 2017I took a morning walk by the river in Liangfeng. It was about 9am but already touching 40°C. There was no one else out walking! I could see people in their yards, in the houses that flanked the mountains, and I could hear dogs barking in the distance. I noticed movement under the canopy of trees and bushes that grew by the river; there were people in the river! I realised that they were fishing and I watched them at a distance for some time. They took regular breaks and sat on the rocks by the shallow river side. Amazingly, they seemed to be catching the fish with their hands! I was soaked in sweat and burning in the sun, so I returned to the cool hotel room. I wondered how many hours they would be out there fishing?


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