Neuromancer illustrations

An Arcade in Ninsei | © Natalie Knowles 2016
Click on the image to expand

I am very excited to be returning to a project that I began in 2008. Eight years ago I was studying for my Masters degree in Sequential Design / Illustration at the University of Brighton. My practical project was an adaptation of William Gibson’s novel Neuromancer (see the original project outcome here).

This time I will be completing a series of tableaus that show key scenes in the novel. The first of these illustrations is where Case sees Linda Lee in a videogames arcade in Ninsei. Later in the story we find out Linda’s life is under threat and she meets a tragic end. I have foreshadowed this in the picture.

Hiiibrand Illustration 2016 Competition winner**Update August 2017** I have been notified that this illustration is a winner in the Hiii Illustration 2016 Competition.


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